Slim Shots / Vitamin B shots

Slim Shots is a vitamin cocktail that contains B vitamins and lipotropic substances to help enhance the liver function and increase the flow of fats and bile from the liver and gallbladder. By definition a lipotropic substance decreases the deposit, or speeds up the removal of fat within the liver.

At times it is necessary to supplement your diet with additional nutrients that your body needs. You may choose to maximize your weight loss or your sense of wellbeing by receiving one of our Slim Shots as part of your overall treatment or wellness plan. It significantly improves energy and stamina, and is given once a week.

How many slim shots do you recommend?

Most patients get 1-2 per week for the first few weeks to help re-establish normal hormone levels and help fight high stress.

How will skinny shots help me?

Often people feel increased energy immediately after the shot; sometimes they feel better over time. It is a stress fighter and supports key functions of the liver that sometimes require large amounts of nutrients that can be severely depleted after years of stress and diet faults.

What is in the Slim Shot?

It is filled with a liquid version of liver specific nutrients, amino acids, and vitamins, including: B-1, B-6, B12, supercharged hydroxocobalamin, adenosine monophosphate (AMP), methionine, choline, and inositol. These “fat burning” lipotropic agents are substances that facilitate the breakdown and metabolism of fats.

Will they work with my weight loss program?

We believe Slim Shots can help make any weight loss program more effective. We feel that liver nutrient support is a key missing component to most weight loss programs. Is there an oral form? No. Slim Shots are in an injectable form to reduce loss of potency in the digestive process.

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